Hi! I'm Cybertramp.

I like computer. It's just that!

Who am I?

I just like computer and like to learn computer.

I am interested in Linux, PC hardware, C, Python, Go, Blockchain.

My goal is to create an operating system for me and completion of automatic secretary system.

What am I doing now?

I'm currently working as a firmware test engineer!




My history


  • Study at Youngdong univ
  • Get qualification: ITQ
  • Get qualification: PC master 2
  • 2014

  • Get qualification: Linux master 2
  • 2015

  • Army enlisted
  • 2017

  • Work in SMsolutions
  • Get qualification: Network manager
  • Get qualification: RHCSA
  • 2018

  • Go abroad for the first time(JAPAN)
  • Study at Sangmyung univ
  • Study in the Protocol.Engineering.Lab
  • Experience an intership abroad ZEPL
  • Attend IETF 103
  • 2019

  • Get qualification: Engineer Information Processing
  • Now: Falling into a slump xD