/etc/info/profile #

I’m Cybertramp working as Test/SW Engineer in FADU.

I just like computers. There is no reason.

I interested in Linux, C ,Python, Vue, node, Docker. I am not good enough, but I am trying to work hard.

/etc/info/info-cybertramp #

🌱 Status: I’m ready, any work!

📫 Email: paran_son(at)outlook.com

🎫 github: github.com/cybertramp

Fun fact: I Love League of Legends :), My favorite Vel’Koz


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I Can 🦾 #

Language #

Python Shell Script C

HTML5 Markdown JavaScript Vue.js Buefy

Docker Ethereum

Linux experience #

Cent OS Manjaro Ubuntu Linux Mint Pop! OS

DBs #

MariaDB MongoDB

Tools #

Visual Studio Code Vim Git

studying ⛷ #

Go C++ Postgres Kubernetes Jenkins